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phonophan is the Web site of noted recorded sound historian and much-published author Tim Fabrizio, dedicated to preserving, understanding and purveying antique phonographs, talking machines, gramophones, Victrolas, graphophones, and related items such as Edison, Victor, Columbia, Zonophone, Berliner, Brunswick, RCA, Talkophone, collectible records, cylinders and 78s, needle tins, Edison memorabilia, "His Master's Voice" Nipper the dog, and morning glory horns.

This site was established in February, 1997

Revised 12-04-23  

(Our TWENTY-SEVENTH year on the Web. Yes, our Web site is actually older than Google! )

Historian Tim Fabrizio appeared in a segment of the PBS TV show "History Detectives" devoted to the Psycho-Phone, an antique talking machine with an intriguing secret! Now that the secret has been revealed, if you'd like to read more about the fascinating Psycho-Phone, just CLICK HERE!

Or watch the show on your computer by going to:




The cares and the worries of everyday life

Can be whisked away without any strife.

A new world awaits you, of song and of fun;

Whatever irritates you will soon be gone.

A Phonograph is the cure for all woes!

We'll give you the records, you'll have plenty of those.

It's time for happiness, and escape from life's stress --

Send a Phonograph right now to your home address!





Tim has embarked upon semi-retirement, but he's "keeping his hand in."

You will still be able to visit phonophan for beautifully restored antique phonographs and information, so be sure to check often to see what's new.

From recent customers: 

July 2020: Tim, the piece is beautiful! We love it. You did a fantastic job on restoring it. We are amazed at the sound quality it has for a piece that is well over 100 years old. And loud as well! We have already found a place for it and when anyone comes to our house they will notice it immediately when they come in. I am very happy with the purchase and your service to me the customer.  JB, NY.

January, 2018: I purchased my beloved Victor III Talking Machine from you a few years ago and I must tell you that it continues to bring me as much joy as it did the first day I unpacked and played it. Many thanks, Natalie, AU.

April 2016: Well I finally removed all those packing peanuts (Yep, you gave me a heads-up) and assembled my beautiful Victor II phonograph. The phono was delivered in perfect condition... 
It was immediately obvious that you were meticulous in reconditioning this machine! The cabinet is lovely, the spring, gears & all mechanism in the box are very clean, grease free and looks great. The horn and its mount really stand out.

Everything is exactly as you had described on your web page.

A few cranks and we were blown away by its sound. A few records later and my wife and I were dancing around the living room and imagining those that were doing the same when they first bought this phonograph back in 1906.

This is truly an heirloom piece. I was further convinced of this when my 30 year old son took a look at it and asked me to update my Will to show that I have left it to him...

Thank you very much. I would recommend your company and your work to anyone. G.B. CO


"WE LOVE THE VICTROLA!!!  It showed up on one of the coldest November days in Minnesota.  My 2 girls danced around while I played the 78s that came with it.  Now every time we get it going my 1 year old runs up to me with her arms up to dance with papa.  Thank you so much for having such great products and customer service."  -- Daniel M.


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