Would you like to make charming music in your home? Would you like to own one of the most iconic and endearing mechanical artifacts of the past hundred years? This absolutely spotlessly preserved Edison Amberola Phonograph will delight and astound you! 

After 1913, all Edison cylinder Phonographs were manufactured as "cabinet" models, that is, with the horn enclosed in a stunning wooden cabinet. The Amberola VIII (8) combined both robust, solid oak with metal components cleverly grain-painted to suggest wood. At this time, the concept of cloth behind the front grille had not been conceived. In fact, the metal internal horn was quite beautiful in its trompe l'oeil finish. It was meant to be viewed and admired. 

What better way to appreciate the hand-painted trompe l'oeil horn than through a similarly grain-painted front grille? There are a number of metal components on the Amberola VIII that were finished in this manner by American artisans for the Edison company. And all these remarkable examples of the master's art are original and in nearly perfect preservation.

The black-enamelled mechanical works has its original gilt and blue decoration. Original "Edison" decal graces the rear panel. The Amberola VIII uses a Diamond B reproducer, with a genuine diamond stylus -- in our opinion, the best sounding reproducer that Edison made (to play the 4-minute "Blue Amberol" cylinder records).  Unlike a Victrola that uses steel needles, the diamond never needs changing!

Yes, this instrument came to us in remarkably great condition -- however, the TRUE value of our work lies in the meticulous attention to detail that you can only get from phonophan. It takes hours and hours to go over every square inch of a machine this complex with Q-tips and clean, lubricate, regulate to the point of highest quality. We know what you can expect from other dealers and online sellers -- shortcuts! Their concept of restoration? A spritz with WD-40.

With our dozens of Q-tips we removed every speck of gunk and grease.

Showing the beauty of the entirely factory original golden oak finish -- the lid should be closed while playing. The "high top" is especially pleasing, giving the instrument that "wedding cake" look. What a gorgeous addition to your decor this ageless visitor from another age will make!

This old school Amberola artfully auditions Edison 4-minute Blue Amberol records -- indestructible and loaded with toe-tapping music..

Price: $750.00 US, including two 4-minute cylinder records, plus s/h (NY State residents must pay tax, if applicable). 

SPECIAL "DEAL" -- Add a DOZEN tuneful Edison Blue Amberol cylinder records for only $60.! Total price, with machine, $810. plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable).


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