Columbia put the other talking machine companies to shame when it came to style. They specialized in eye-catching decals and glossy flower horns. This "BH" Disc Graphophone is distinguished by its warm oak cabinet with curvaceous molding.  The horn is, of course, original, and we have repainted it in the authentic style of the period. We spent years perfecting the formula for original type of translucent color, as deep and cerulean as the Caribbean. Our resident artist has added pert, pretty cabbage roses, in keeping with the fashion of turn-of-the-twentieth-century talking machines.

This type of decorative handle was provided on early Columbia Disc Graphophones to facilitate carrying the cabinet. 

This decal is a historically precise replica. Over the 47 years we have been restoring talking machines, we have seen many different attempts to replicate original decals. However, it as not until the advent of computers and sophisticated software that perfect authenticity was attained. And this decal is under the finish -- just like the original decals were. In fact, it is indistinguishable from an original.

All components are in fine condition. Our instruments are spotlessly clean. We take no short cuts. 47 years of experience go into everything we sell. We have taken special care to skillfully rebuild and regulate the soundbox (needle head) to produce big, bold and brilliant music. 

The BH has a smooth-running spring motor, which we have literally spent hours professionally tweaking and adjusting.. A brand new mainspring insures plenty of power. The BH  plays 10" diameter 78 rpm records,  and if you need some, just let us know.

The Columbia Type BH Disc Graphophone -- a beautifully designed instrument, and at an affordable price! We are especially proud of the gorgeous finish on the horn, with its friendly floral motif.

Price: $1550.00 plus s/h, (NY State residents must add tax if applicable).


Telephone: 585-244-5546


               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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