Columbia put the other talking machine companies to shame when it came to style. They specialized in pretty decals and eye-catching horns.  During the 'teens Columbia Disc Graphophones achieved the distinctive style you see here, and were equipped with the very most up-to-date technical features. What is the most impressive feature of this machine?  The stunning, verdant horn horn!  The magnolias have been hand-painted by our resident aretist on a shimmering green background.

Vibrant figures of quarter-sawn oak on the cabinet cabinet with a decal hand-made by a friend of ours who spares no molecule of historical accuracy. 

Please take careful note of how the horn literally glows with our unique process of color restoration, producing a finish identical to the original.  We have performed a professional, thorough cleaning, polishing and calibration. Our instruments are spotlessly clean. We take no short cuts. 53 years of experience go into everything we sell. 

The double spring motor is spic and span.  We did what few other dealers bother to do -- we replaced both mainsprings with reliable modern components identical to the originals.  From other dealers it's just as likely you'll get original mainsprings patched together with sheet-rock screws!  Our motor literally purrs -- it plays beautifully.

The Columbia Type BN Disc Graphophone -- a charming, authentic antique talking machine -- a truly remakable restoration!  What is the best feature? -- ALL of them.  How does it play?  BEAUTIFULLY!

Price: $1750.00 plus FREE SHIPPING*, (NY State residents must add tax if applicable).


Telephone: 585-244-5546


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               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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