Columbia put the other talking machine companies to shame when it came to style. They specialized in pretty decals and eye-catching horns. The Type "BN" Disc Graphophone was a bulwark of the Columbia line -- attractive, sturdy and reliable. It was first introduced around 1908 and continued to be made into the 'teens. When this machine was manufactured, in the early 'teens, Columbia had intriduced an especially eye-catching line of horns called "Columbia-Europa." Here we find oine of these fascinating horns, which were characteristically painted in "air brushed" motifs. We have beautifully replicated the sublimely blended hues of the period.

A fine example of the fine restoration work we do. We have cleaned away every spec of dirt, dust and grime.

We call your attention to this decal. A friend of ours has devoted his retirement to hand-creating precisely accurate decals. He is using equipment that is no longer produced, and he spends many hours nursing it along. This is the only way to exactly replicate the decals that they used at the Columbia factory. And this decal does not sit on top of the finish, where it might flake off. It is under the finish, and bonded to it, just like the originals.

All components are in fine condition. We have performed a professional, thorough cleaning, polishing and calibration. Our instruments are spotlessly clean. We take no short cuts. 49 years of experience go into everything we sell. We have taken special care to skillfully rebuild and regulate the soundbox (needle head) to produce big, bold and brilliant music. This Columbia soundbox gives extra volume -- it is considerably larger than earlier versions Columbia had used.

The BN has a smooth-running spring motor, which we have literally spent hours professionally tweaking and adjusting.. A brand new mainspring insures plenty of power. In fact, we have discovered from long experience that Columbia mainsprings have a life span which has long ago been exceeded. If you buy a Columbia where the mainspring(s) have not been replaced by new ones, you are getting an inferior machine.

The Columbia Type BN Disc Graphophone -- a beautifully designed  "Europa" horn instrument at a nice  price! 

Price: $1350.00 plus s/h, (NY State residents must add tax if applicable).


Telephone: 585-244-5546


               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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