Siam Soo

Siam Soo is shown here mounted on an external horn talking machine, but bear in mind her stabilizing "feet" need room to sit securely, and many people use her with an internal horn Victrola, which offers plenty of room inside the playing compartment. No holes or screws are necessary to secure her.

The playing mechanism consists of a central cam that activates her side-to-side motion, and an eccentric "piston" that controls the sinuous movements of her arms and head. The whole thing is run by friction as the record turns, using a rubber "tire." The principal problem with Soo's that have not been properly restored is that the old rubber tire becomes petrified and the surface uneven. We have replaced this rubber tire to insure smooth-running.

The forearms of Soo's sometimes separate at the elbows, and hence can be lost over the years. Because this doll's forearms were missing, we have installed a set of perfect replica forearms, indistinguishable from the originals, as can be seen here. These arms (only the front part of the arm) are made to the precise specifications of the originals. Her paint is original, as are all the mechanical components, and the condition of her paint is excellent. The dress is new (the old dresses literally fall to pieces), and sewn to the exact style of the originals.

Although she's known by the catchy name "Siam Soo," she is reminiscent of the hand operated puppets of Javanese fame. Her exotic looks were hand painted, as is evident from this close-up.

To really appreciate her charm and ingenuity, you should see a video. REQUEST A VIDEO FROM TIM which can be texted or emailed to you. Just write to or call 585 244-5546. Texting is an efficient way to send it to your mobile phone.

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