Columbia put the other talking machine companies to shame when it came to style. They specialized in pretty decals and eye-catching horns. The Type "BH" Disc Graphophone was an "updated" version of an earlier model call the "AJ."  The horn is especially noteworthy -- it is an original Columbia flower flower in exceptional condition with original factory paint. Note that even after well more than 100 years, the paint is still shiny!

The oak cabinet with enticingly curvy molding and pillars.  The decal is an historically perfect replica of the original, underneath the cabinet finish, precisely like it was done back in the day.  A friend of ours has devoted his retirement to hand-making these archivally correct decals.  

All components are in fine condition. We have performed a professional, thorough cleaning, polishing and calibration. Our instruments are spotlessly clean. We take no short cuts. 53 years of experience go into everything we sell. 

We have taken special care to skillfully rebuild and regulate the soundbox (needle head) to produce big, bold and brilliant music.  Where do our competitors fail?  One significant  factor is the soundbox.  We have seen every kind of jury-rigged nonesense that other dealers have perpetrated.  And we have fixed their mistakes.

The BH has a smooth-running spring motor, which we have literally spent hours professionally tweaking and adjusting.  A brand new mainspring assures the correct power and performance.  What do other sellers do?  They think they can "repair" a broken spring by putting a drywall screw through it.  And they don't have the smarts to know a good playing motor from a messed-up one.


The Columbia Type BH Disc Graphophone -- a beautiful, authentic antique talking machine -- look how it shines! 

Price: $1350.00 plus s/h, (NY State residents must add tax if applicable).


Telephone: 585-244-5546


               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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