Graphophone Type BFT

How beautiful is that?! Mr. Edison, eat your heart out-- the Graphophone, your fiercest competitor, is a world-class stunner. What distinguishes the Graphophone? Classy, luxurious, elegant, stylish, posh, elite. Eye-popping tiger oak. Curvaceous cabinetry.  This drop-dead-gorgeous BFT has it ALL.  It has its original factory finish and components, plus a rare Columbia wooden horn.  These horns were produced by the Syracuse (NY) Wooden Horn Co., and the condition is equally perefect. Of the various wooden horns that Columbia offered, this is by far the rarest and most beautiful.

We are trying to remember if we have ever, in the 52 years we have been doing this, had a cabinet with and original finish this flawless. It is mind-boggling.

Check out the original decal. The cabinet and decal look brand new -- but they are well over a century old.

Not a spec of dirt or grime!  THINK about the junk you find elsewhere on line -- dirty, patched-togerther, incorrectly regulated. NOBODY has our 52 years of experience. We have painstakingly restored this instrument to perfection, without sacrificing a molecule pf its originality.

The designation Graphophone Type BFT means "Type BF with Tone arm."  The "tone arm" was a great innovation, connecting the reproducer to the horm, and allowing the horn to be positioned up and above the instrument.  In this way, the horn did not extend into the room and get in the way.  NOTE the crispness and cleaness and brightness of all the components -- we challenge you to find a more beautifully preserved Graphophone.

It's official! In our 52 years in this field we have never seen a cabinet this clean, or a carrying handle this shiny and bright.

At the Columbia factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut the BF machines were given the most up-to-date equipment as innovations were announced.  Beneath the tone arm support is another original decal -- a "shield" showing the awards won by the Graphophone -- which is partially covered up by the cutting edge tone arm tecnology.

Now THAT is a MOTOR! FOUR mainsprings. And observe the spotlessness of our work. Do you like greasy messes? Buy a Graphophone from  one of our competitors and you'll get an oily hodgepodge!

The BFT with oak wooden horn is a showpiece to knock out your guests -- and a lively, bright and bold-playing delight to hear. This instrument plays Edison, Columbia or other 2-minute cylinder records.

Price: $2750.00, with three 2-minute cylinder record,  plus s/h. (NY State residents must add tax where applicable.)


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