The Columbia Phonograph Company claimed, in their marketing, that they had "invented the talking machine business." This was no idle boast. That fact is, that while Edison had grown distracted  and taken a long hiatus from his Phonograph during the 1880s, the men who were to give life to Columbia were tirelessly at work perfecting recorded sound -- until Edison himself finally had to sit up and take notice! Columbia continued to be a formidable force in the industry for many decades. This charming little instrument is a Columbia product, manufactured by Columbia in Bridgeport, CT, and distributed by the Standard Talking Machine Co. of Chicago.

We have spent a good part of our 47 years in the talking machine restoration business perfecting the original type of translucent finish that was used on flower horns back in the day. With excellent results! The horn fairly glows. And our resident artist has added hand-painted, subtly-shaded roses to create a work of consummate artistry! These pinky-white roses catch the eye and capture the heart.

Here we see the gold "Standard Talking Machine Co." decal. A decal hand-made by a friend of ours who has, in his retirement, transformed the manufacture of decals into a small-batch, artisan project. Each one perfectly indistinguishable from an original. All the decals used on this type of machine were designated "Style X," although when equipped with a large, colorful flower horn such as this one, the model was "officially" called "X2."

This soundbox is the heart of the machine -- it must be correctly calibrated. We'd also like to call your attention to the original horn support arms, and brass elbow. As usual, when we acquired this instrument, we found that a "home handyman" had attempted to "repair" it. Of course, he made a failure of it. We carefully undid his "work" and proceeded to do a proper job of making it functional like new. In fact, we spend a lot of time "undoing" the depredations of amateurs.

The Standard X2 will play 10" diameter "acoustic" (pre-1925) 78 rpm records. One record per winding. It is important to use clean, not badly worn records.  If you have no 78s, no problem -- we are happy to give you some with the purchase. And of course it comes with plenty of needles.

Price: $750.00 US, plus s/h (NY State residents must pay tax, if applicable).


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