Englewood is a neighborhood in the Chicago area, and the Englewood Company was in the mail-order business.  A number of midwestern firms found that selling by mail could reap great rewards -- chief among them Sears, Roebuck of Chicago.  Englewood machines were manufactured by ever-reliable Columbia, and Englewood records were also available (pressed by the International Record Company of Auburn, NY, among others) under the monikers "The Nightingale" and "Golden Crown."  The Musicalphone is distinguished not only by its catchy name, but also the fact that it was housed in a cabinet of stunning chestnut.  Chestnut has largely disappeared as a material for home furnishings, but back in the period 1890 - 1910 it was very popular as an alternative to oak. In fact, many casual observers would identify this cabinetry as oak. Because we are historians, not just "resellers." we can offer you fascinating details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Here you can appreciate the finespun beauty of the chestnut (with a faint suggestion of cinnamon hue), in the original finish on the body of the cabinet.

Art nouveau flourishes caress the sides of this eye-catching decal.  The variegated effect of subtle blue and rose intentionally mimics the iridescence of mother-of-pearl.  Just one more charming element of this rare bird.

The original aluminum arms bear the ornate attribution of the instrument. Aluminum was an ultra-modern material at the time -- strong, but lightweight.

After our careful restoration of the soundbox (needle head) the Musicalphone produces bright, clear, crisp music.  We are frequently bewildered by "home handyman" efforts to patch up these ancient instruments.  Even so-called "knowledgeable" dealers make the same silly and sometimes damaging mistakes over and over.

Another place where our 50 years of expertise proves invaluable is the motor.  We have discovered after long experience that ancient Columbia mainsprings lose their structural integrity after more than 100 years.  Therefore we always replace these mainsprings with modern springs, made to the precise specifications of the originals.  This costly and involved level of restoration insures that our clients have strong and reliable motors.  Other dealers don't want to spend the time or the money.

Beautiful chestnut cabinet, gorgeous original decal, fancy aluminum arms, smooth-running and powerful motor, bright and clear soundbox -- our Musicalphone shines -- literally!  Do you want to turn heads and please ears?  The Musicalphone is a splendid mirth-maker!  And it's happiness that we all need.

This instrument is not only scarce and unusual -- it sounds GREAT!  We are happy to give you some fun and lively original 78 rpm records with it.

Price: $1950.00 US, plus s/h (NY State residents must pay tax, if applicable).


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