The model designation contains a description of the instrument -- BNWM means model "BN" with special Wide molding in Mahogany wood. Since it is equipped with a solid mahogany wooden horn, it represents the very finest in both beauty and function. This gorgeous machine is in exceptional condition.

The solid mahogany cabinet has its original factory finish, which we have scrupulously French polished to a stunning luster. You can see here the amazing condition of the cabinet. The wooden horn is in virtually perfect condition and required no gluing or  repair. We have restored the wooden horn to match.

Here you can see both the charming original factory decal and the incredible condition of the mahogany.

The similar beauty of the solid mahogany horn can be seen here, and we have even added the historically correct decal that Columbia wooden horns employed.

Columbia's signature styling was the nickel-plated back-bracket and shiny arm that would characterize its Disc Graphophones for more than a decade.  Here we see these components in original condition, still shiny and bright. Of course we have meticulously rebuilt and adjusted the soundbox to produce rich, full, bright and bold music from your 78s.

The quiet, smooth-running motor has been cleaned, regulated, and we have installed two new, strong mainsprings to give you plenty of power to play records.

Inside the cabinet is this tag, in both English and Spanish. After 1910, Columbia exported frequently to Central and South America, therefore the Spanish appears even on instruments sold in the USA, not unlike the multi-language instructions that come with products today.

Better still is this massive paper notice that is affixed to the underside of the machine, showing that it sold for $50. -- a considerable sum at the time. The wooden horn would have added even more to the cost!

This amazingly well preserved machine is spotless and expertly adjusted. We really mean clean and bright -- all tarnish and crud and gunk and grime completely banished. Compare what we offer to the shabby, poorly described, badly regulated junkers you see on other sites. It is a remarkable that this instrument has survived so unmolested -- a time traveler, with the unmistakable charm and character of age, and, most-importantly, the potential to bring future generations joy! 

Price: $3250.00 US, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


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