Elegant is how it looks -- but spectacular is the way it sounds! The Edison Cygnet horn was acoustically well-designed to produce loud, clear, bright music. Plus, it is space-economic, requiring no extra room to display, while giving acoustically amazing results. And what's better than an original SOLID OAK Cygnet horn ("swan's neck" from the Latin cycnus, cygnus, from Greek kyknos, "swan") in excellent condition, with original finish intact?

You can imagine the damage that could be done to wood over the years if it is poorly cared for. In order to survive in this immaculate condition, with original finish intact, a horn must be lovingly preserved by a family.

The original Edison decals on the horn.

Even more fragile than the wood itself is the factory graining-painting on the metal horn "elbow" --  on countless occasions we have seen this Edison grain-painting flaked off, pock-marked or rusty.  The excellent condition of this 110-year-old-paint is a testament to the gentle treatment this horn has received over the long decades.

No less remarkable is the fact that the cabinet shown here has its original factory finish and decal.

This designation of "Home Phonograph" (Model D) was introduced in 1908. By 1910, it was available with the wooden Cygnet horn.  A driving factor in the design of the Model D was to "dress up" the Edison roster by adding complex decoration in both gold and blue. You may see here the beautiful condition of the upper works. Compare this to grimy, gunked up wrecks you find offered on eBay, and you can appreciate the high quality of the instruments we restore and sell. The sturdy Edison spring motor has been meticulously cleaned and adjusted. And we installed a brand new mainspring to deliver the power you need to play 4-minute cylinder records. No online auction atrocity can substitute for the carefully calibrated instruments available from phonophan.

A great advantage of this model is factory-equipped gearing to play both the 4-minute and the 2-minute cylinder records that are commonly found in today's market.

Inside the lid is this original notice, explaining to the clients the use of different reproducers to play different types of record (see our own instructions below).

Purchase the elegant and refined Cygnet Home Phonograph and invest in the best. This instrument will delight you with years of music and enjoyment. It is of the highest quality, correctly cleaned and adjusted, ready to set up and enrich your leisure hours. We spent the time to carefully remove every spec of dirt and gunk from the mechanism without doing any harm. It is here that our decades of experience pay dividends. Do not mistake our merchandise for the shabby, poorly regulated claptrap found elsewhere on the Web. NOBODY else has our 50 years of expertise, with 8 books in print on the history of recorded sound to prove it!

Price: $2850.00 US, equipped to play Edison Amberol 4-minute records (Model H reproducer, with genuine sapphire), including three records, plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)


Price: $3100.00 US, equipped to play BOTH 4-minute records AND 2-minute records (Model H reproducer AND Model C reproducer), including three 4-minute records AND three 2-minute records, plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)


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