One of the Midwestern brands of disc talking machine at the turn of the 20th century was the "Harmony," sold by the Great Northern Manufacturing Co. of Chicago.  Great Northern had begun by distributing chinaware to the retail trade, to be used as premiums.  Soon, however, it entered the talking machine business, and stayed in it for 10 years. Harmony instruments were in fact designed and built by the Columbia Phonograph Co., who were justly famous in their own right as high quality manufacturers. We believe the "Harmony" taking machine is about the most pleasing, plump, peppy and perfectly balanced instrument you can find! The original flower horn has been carefully repainted, and cheerful cabbage roses have been hand-painted by our artist, in the manner of times past. The translucent red of the horn precisely matches the original appearance from back in the day -- it took us years to perfect the process. The outstanding condition of all the components makes this delightful instrument enormously appealing.

We want to stress the outstanding condition of this instrument. Original cabinet finish and decal. All components original. Every aspect is fresh, clean and crisp. The oak cabinet with its Byzantine-inspired turned pillars fairly beams. As always, we took the spring-powered motor down to pieces -- plus we put in a powerful new mainspring, cleaned, tuned and adjusted everything.

Here we see the bright and beautiful components that produce powerful reproduction from the record.  Of course, we have rebuilt and painstakingly adjusted the soundbox. What do you get from other Internet sellers? A slap-sash "doll-up" and inept, bumbling jury-rigging.

Our immaculate antique talking machine will bring a smile to the face of anyone. The horn is especially charming, the perfect size to compliment the cabinet. This instrument will play one 10" diameter 78 rpm record per winding, the motor is strong and reliable. Do not mistake our carefully tuned, painstakingly cleaned and regulated instrument for the junk you find on eBay -- our machines work properly and sound great! 

Price: $1350.00 US, plus s/h (NY State residents must add tax if applicable.).


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               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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