Excelsiorwerke was a company in Cologne, Germany, that began in 1900. Initially, it manufactured talking machines, later branching out into automobiles. Many Excelsior phonographs were intended to be sold in the British market, with model names in English, such as "Pandora", "Ruby" and "Pearl". This lovely little cylinder instrument displays all the "signature" Excelsior traits -- including solid, robust construction and eye-pleasing decoration.

The elegant red stripes and sparking gold decoration speak to the superior quality of Excelsior products.

The Excelsiorwerke shield trade mark -- in English for the British market.


Edison could have benefited from a lesson in design graphics from Excelsior.

Once again, we see the trademark on the reproducer. For the German market, these can naturally be found stamped in German. We carefully rebuilt the reproducer, and it plays loud and clear.

This delightful, hand-painted arrow indicates the winding direction.

The key, with "Patent applied for..." in English.

With its historically accurate British aluminum horn, oak cabinet -- ORIGINAL FINISH -- and stunningly decorated enameled works in pristine condition, this Excelsior looks for all the world like it just popped out of a time-machine. It plays any 2-minute cylinder record, such as the one pictured, one record per complete winding.

Closed up in its original finish cabinet -- a little charmer!

Price: $850.00 US including two 2-minute records (additional records  available at extra cost), plus s/h (NY State residents must add tax).


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