Victor's primary European branch was The Gramophone Company, Ltd, eventually known by the same name as the famous Nipper-dog trademark, "His Master's Voice." The Model 2 was a later, improved version of the "Intermediate Monarch," a popular mid-sized instrument (see page 61 of Oakley and Proudfoot's book "His Master's Gramophone"). It was available in both oak and mahogany. During the WWI period, the machine was equipped with a double-spring motor.

The cabinet was made more substantial in the WWI era, with more robust base and top molding. We have scrupulously restored the mahogany wood cabinet, including a spot-on replica of the original trademark decal.

It's very worth noting the quality and accuracy of this decal. Before the modern era of computers, such a perfect copy would have been impossible. Today we can not only create an exact, historically flawless replica, but we can apply it precisely as it was originally done -- under the finish. 

Victor is justly known for the quality of its talking machines -- but in some ways it was outdone by its British cousin. The cabinet is not only glued, but also screwed together, with significant reinforcing and even double cabinet walls. 

The smooth running, reliable motor was made in USA -- the same motor may be found in versions of the Victor Victrola VIII.  In the Gramophone Company's early years, a great number of components used to construct British and European Gramophones were imported from the Victor factory in Camden, NJ. As time passed, the British began to make more components. However, even "later" machines such as this contain American parts. Two brand new main springs insure that you can play any record.

This rarely-seen type of speed control was introduced by Victor in 1911. It was used only briefly in the USA, but continued in use in Great Britain. 

The spotless components of the back-bracket and tone arm. The winding crank is original.  The instrument is equipped with a British-made version of the venerable "Exhibition" soundbox that made Victor famous. As always, we have meticulously calibrated it to produce bright, beautiful music.

British instruments were available with green or red metal flower horns. This horn is a historically precise replica of the original, exact in every way, professionally made by a master craftsman, and we have painted it in perfect keeping with the original crimson finish.

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