This istrument is in almost every way identical to a Victor I (One).  Looking at it, an American entusiast would pronounce it a Victor I without hesitation. However, it was sold by Victor's British cousin, the Gramophone Company, Ltd.  In the UK it was known as the "Victor Monarch." The cabinet has original finish, all components are in excellent condition.  When this machine was offered in the USA, it was equipped with an 8" diameter turntable.  Sold in the UK, the Victor Monarch Gramophone has a 10" turntable.

The turntable expansion was uniquely British.  To accomplish it, the Gramophone Co. had to move the position of the speed control.  Here we see the former hole, which they left unfilled.  In fact, the re-positioned speed control is of such historical interest, it was featured in an article in a popular collector magazine, while profiled this machine. 

The smooth running, reliable motor was made in USA -- the same motor may be found in the Victor I.  In the Gramophone Company's early years, a great number of components used to construct British and European Gramophones were imported from the Victor factory in Camden, NJ. As time passed, the British began to make more components. A brand new main spring insures that you can play any 10" record.  The winding crank is original. 

British instruments often did not list a serial number on a coventional serial plate.  However, identifying numbers can be found stamped in the wood. 

As noted, this British-sold instrument was identical to its US counterpart. Here we see that affirmed, "Made in USA"  marked on the "Exhibition" soundbox, a device that had made Victor famous. As always, we have meticulously calibrated it to produce bright, beautiful music. 

The black fower horn, with original black enamel and gold decoration, varies ever-so-slightly from an American horn, but still merited a British design registration.

This delightful performer will not fail to bring a smile to your face, and magical music to your ears.

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