Many "Puck" phonographs did not have wooden bases such as this one.  In fact, the oak "cabinet" (never used a lid) increased the prestige and cost of the machine.  Consequently, the Kastenpuck, or "Puck with a box," is much rarer than models lacking any wooden component.  The interior of the cabinet, though it is meant to suggest a conventional phonograph of the period, with an enclosed motor, is empty.  The entire mechanical works are on full display.  The motor was based on the design of a clock -- truly "clockwork"-- at which the Germans (who manufactured this machine) were adept.  

The over-large key gives the mechanism a quaint look.  As in all of the "Puck" genre of phonograph, the record is driven by a length of string -- essentially acting as a "belt."  As amazing as it is to imagine such a basic arrangement will work -- incredibly it does. Capable of playing one 2-minute cylinder per complete winding.  The Puck, however, is not bereft of sophistication -- it uses an on/off lever to start the motor, and has an effective speed control adjustment.  It also has an "idler pulley" -- just like a big Edison machine -- to adjust the tension of the driving string. The support upon which the horn is mounted retracts into the cabinet for storage.

The horn is solid zinc -- a metal that was not used much in the USA, but which was employed plentifully in German manufacturing.  Zinc is rather soft, like aluminum, so the fact that the horn is in excellent condition is rather special.  The mandrel is also zinc.  The reproducer is equipped with a genuine sapphire stylus.

Here is a detail of the cast-iron decoration, original finish.  This type of decorative border is highly unusual among Pucks.  The knob illustrated to adjust the "levelness" of the machine.  All Pucks use some sort of "leveling" device to help adjust the relationship of the reproducer to the record.

This delightful performer will not fail to bring a smile to your face, and magical music to your ears.  One of the most most amusing aspects of the Puck is how so much music can emerge from such a modest mechanism.  Your friends will be amazed -- no joke!  

Price: $875.00 US, including a 2-minute cylinder to play, plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)


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