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Fast Facts about Fabrizio

Tim Fabrizio has been restoring, researching and writing about antique phonographs for 52 years. He is an artisan and a scholar. He has consulted at the Library of Congress, the George Eastman House Museum, the Edison and Ford Winter Estates and other prestigious institutions. He has perfected his talents at talking machine restoration over the past five decades, and is currently overseeing the work we perform here at phonophan. Every aspect of restoration and repair is accomplished in keeping with his expertise and experience. Tim Fabrizio has written copious text, and taken thousands of photographs for a series of 8 lavishly illustrated books on the history of recorded sound. This series, co-authored with George F. Paul, has garnered awards and praise from across the globe. Worldwide, Mr. Fabrizio has personally examined and researched many thousands antique phonographs, accessories and items of ephemera in the course of his career, and has been in continuous contact with the professional restoration of these mechanisms every day. In this capacity, he has been responsible for writing most of the price guides in use in the antique phonograph field. 

Why should you buy an antique phonograph from Tim Fabrizio? Why will you get a better value at phonophan than buying from an "anonymous" seller on ebay? Because Tim Fabrizio knows the business inside and out, he's written the price guides, and the quality of his work is as well-known as his name..

To see Mr. Fabrizio's books please visit our book page by clicking here.

From a customer:

"Thank you again for all your help in the purchase of my Victor machine.  The care in which you lavish on the restoration and packaging truly sets you apart from other dealers... The sound is really amazing considering the machine is over 100 years old, and quite loud. Even when I don't play it, I enjoy looking at it... I waited quite some time to find just the "right" machine for my small space, and am thoroughly satisfied."   --B.R.

After that rather stuffy bio, you'll forgive us for adding a little levity. (For those with a mind to squander the better part of a dollar, we regret to say that Ragtime Fabrizio is not really available.)

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