It takes a minute to settle in that this sparklingly crisp coin-operated instrument is from the century before the last century!  From mid-1898 to mid-1899 the Columbia Phonograph Company offered its Type B (or "Eagle") model Graphophone with a highly polished nickel finish.  From catalog entries we know that this unusual version was called the Type BXP -- "P" for "polished."  Normally the Eagle had more of a "brushed nickel" look.  Needless to say, this feature that required extra plating and lots of extra hand work did not last long.  A small percentage of these ultra-deluxe finish components were used to construct coin-ops.  Today, they are impossible to find.  However, you are looking at one right now! And it isn't just a rarity -- it's in incredibly exquisite condition!

With its original curved glass cover open, we may begin to appreciate not only the mind-boggling mechanics, but also the glimmer of the components.


Amazingly, the workers at the Graphophone factory in Bridgeport, CT, buffed up to a high gloss each and every part! Even the gears have been given extra plating and a glistening polish.  As we always do, because we are the preeminent experts in this field, we took apart even single piece of the mechanism and painstakingly cleaned it by hand.  Then we did just what they did back in 1899 -- we punched up the brilliant polish.  Two new mainsprings insure your machine will function as it did when new.  Note that even the governor balls (at rear) were highly nickel-plated (customarily unpolished or black-painted).  You will never see a Columbia coin-op this scrupulously clean  from another dealer -- let alone the "extra polish" version.  The reproducer is the correct one -- not one that was added later.  There is a little collar, held by a tiny screw at the very base of the reproducer -- this was specific to the coin-op mechanisms, to hold the reproducer in place while under daily use, it did not appear on average home entertainment devices.

Showing the original identification plates. 

The "clutch" crank used on coin-ops.  The lock is functional with its key.

Original decal in super condition -- original cabinet finish.

This ancient label advises customers on how to operate the instrument.  You can imagine the excitement of the average listener of the day, to hear music and voices emerging from a machine.

Yes, there are other Columbia coin-ops out there -- but not this highly-polished version.  One component of these instruments that was always knocked off and lost is the sign. Unfortunately, the signboard, which fixes to the cabinet with two small pegs, was particularly vulnerable. Ours is a perfect reproduction -- handmade in oak. The paper sign is of the correct style, and we have carefully AGED it to make it unobtrusive. Nothing is so jarring on an ancient coin-op than a bright white modern sign in today's typeface.

The extra-polish Type "BS(P)" will amaze and delight your friends and family. Own something that no one else has -- the highly polished Type "BS(P)"!

Price: $4250. with replica 14" brass bell horn, and one cylinder record, plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax if applicable).


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