CHAPTER SIX of THE TALKING MACHINE, AN ILLUSTRATED COMPENDIUM 1877-1929, covers the hey-day of the internal-horn cabinet models, 1915-1920. It also tells the story of the many small disc record brands which flourished during the 'teens. Victor, Columbia, Edison - and many unusual brands - all are beautifully represented.

Edison's line of internal-horn cylinder talking machines was called "Amberola". In 1915, a standardized roster of three models was introduced, of which this one (Amberola "50") was the mid-priced ($50.00) instrument. The 1915 models would endure virtually unchanged for more than ten years.









The "Carola" was a grown-up talking machine of small-fry size! In the 'teens, many brands of disc machine suddenly sprang up when crucial patents which had limited the market expired. Commonly confused with a child's phono, the "Carola" was modestly sized and modestly manufactured (stamped metal cabinet, wood-grained) to appeal to those who could not afford a larger, more expensive talking machine.



CHAPTER SEVEN of THE COMPENDIUM deals with the end of the acoustic talking machine era 1921-1929. This was a volatile period, when the development of radio and electrical recording created new currents in the market - and the companies were forced to respond. Some, like Victor, did well after some initial foot-dragging. The Edison Company fared the worst due to an inability to adapt, and the book ends with the passing of the Edison Phonograph.

The "105" was typical of early 1920s Brunswicks. This brand became one of the largest manufacturers during the 1920s. Featured was the "Ultona" head, which allowed any of the disc record formats of the day to be played: lateral cut 78, vertical cut 78 or "Diamond Discs". Courtesy Lou Caruso.

The Victor Victrola "1-70" was a lower-priced ($50.00) table-model which incorporated the new late-20s look and improved Victrola No. 4 soundbox. Shades of 1930s and 40s design can be seen in this machine from 1926. Courtesy Lou Caruso.

The Talking Machine Compendium is now in a NEW and COMPLETELY REVISED edition, including an eighth chapter containing an incredible assortment of recently discovered rarities. 

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