PATHE "No. 2"

Pathé began by imitating American machines, but very quickly soared into new territories of design. This instrument suggests a Graphophone in its overall look, and indeed, the motor is massive and heavily built with lots of brass gears such as Graphophones used in their early years. Note at the right an auxiliary "telescoping" mandrel and corresponding large-diameter cylinder record -- this was a Pathé innovation: the "Intermediate" records. This machine plays both "regular" Edison or Columbia 2-minute cylinders and the Intermediate records.

Incomparable decoration -- like nothing ever found on an American machine -- features a rooster -- in a pose suggested by "His Master's Voice," in front of a cylinder talking machine.

The arm which support the horn conveniently stows in this aperture. 

The serial number is stamped near the mandrel -- a low number considering that Pathé kept this model in production, with consequent changes, for around 6 years.

Later in the manufacture of its instruments, Pathé began using die-castings. Those were state-of-the-art at the time, but age proved them susceptible to deterioration. Fortunately, this machine has ONLY the highest quality solid, stable metals such as steel, cast iron and brass -- no die castings or pot metal.  One of the Pathé innovations was a "single action" lever (seen here) to turn the motor on and to engage the tracking of the feedscrew. U.S. machines commonly required two separate steps to achieve the same results.

The original Pathé rubber connector, and an especially large original ebonite reproducer, with wide diaphragm to produce loud, clear music.

Even the little "shields" which attach the aluminum horn are original.

Closed up, in its lovely walnut cabinet. The winding crank is a historically precise replica.

Remember, the No. 2 will play ordinary 2-minute cylinder records, as well as the special Pathé "Inter" cylinders (one of which is included). For your convenience, we are including two Edison regular-size records as well.

The Pathé No. 2  is an instrument of fascinating and unusual qualities -- compact, but substantially constructed. Beautiful, quaint, clever, charming, sophisticated. Just the thing to transport you back to La Belle Epoque!

Price: $1450.00, including two Edison 2-min. cylinder records and one special "Inter" record, plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable).


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