Pathé produced a mind-boggling array of models. Within its "reflex" series (that is, instruments where the sound is amplified by a reflective dish inside the lid) the company offered a variety of styles. Pathephones were sold worldwide -- literally as far afield as China -- and this particular model, the "Elf," was intended for the British market. 

Opening the lid reveals the expertly-painted faux wood grain of the metal reflecting dish. The color and luster of the wood cabinet is rich, warm and inviting. Original cabinet finish in what we here in the USA would call "golden oak" hue. The overall appearance is quaint and intriguing. For purposes of comparison, regarding the size of this instrument, the turntable is 10" in diameter.

The Pathé logo featured a muscular gentleman, in his "birthday suit," as the expression goes, preparing to hurl a Pathé record like a discus. A demurely-placed banner across his middle announced: "Pathé discs play without steel needles." This is a reference to the principal advantage of the Pathé system -- a permanent sapphire stylus that reproduced the records, rather than a conventional steel needle such as employed by Victrolas.

Another original  decal on the outside surface of the lid identifies the model.

The technological triumph of the Reflex (from which it also derived its name) was the "reflecting" dish built into the lid of the cabinet. Sound was conveyed by the tone arm and bounced off the metal dish, producing remarkable amplification. In its resting position, the tone arm sits on the left side of the stylized "harp.".

In fact, the Pathé system is rather different than a conventional "Victrola." The Pathé system of reproduction employed a "vertical cut" configuration. In the vertical system, sound impressions are recorded in the BOTTOM of the record groove. It is necessary to have a specially-oriented soundbox to play Pathé records. The Pathé system was HIGHLY advanced. Instead of having steel needles to replace, a permanent sapphire stylus was used. Almost no surface wear. Plus the records were remarkably well-recorded. Pathé discs reproduce with special brightness and clarity. WE ARE INCLUDING FOUR PATHE DISCS WITH THIS INSTRUMENT, and we have more available if wanted.

The Pathephone Elf will play one 9" or 10" edge-start (American made) Pathé vertical cut record per complete winding. 

Under the cabinet, this large attribution appears. Pathé maintained a factory in Belgium, though its home base was France.

The Pathéphone Elf is a fascinating and highly unusual instrument. It offers you an opportunity to add one of the most charming talking machines to your collection.

Pathéphone Elf Reflex: $850.00, with four Pathé records, plus s/h (NY State residents must add tax).


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