Further photos of the Puck

The Puck was a brilliant invention. It was thought up by noted talking machine entrepreneur Gianni Bettini. The Puck did exactly what it was designed to do with no extra frills -- it played a cylinder phonograph record. It soon became apparent that the Puck was a virtually perfect instrument from all standpoints-- it could be inexpensively produced, sold at a reasonable price, and functioned reliably: a virtual "People's Phonograph." Many factories commenced to manufacture Pucks in Germany and France. 

The horns were proof of the fertility of the human mind -- the colors and subtleties of decoration were infinite. Over the past 43 years, we have experimented unrelentingly until we discovered the precise secret of replicating the eye-popping Puck horn finishes. This particular horn is a historically accurate replica of the iconic Puck "flower" horn, precisely true to the original, crafted of "tin" and decorated  by us to exercise the limit of our artistic muse!

Most Puck phonographs were sold without wooden cabinets. The mechanism was uncomplicated and mounted on a metal base in the shape of a lyre. The motor was essentially modified from a clock motor, very basic but amazingly effective -- it runs off a STRING -- instead of a belt, it uses a string. Pucks were phonos that grew out of the German tradition of clock-making. 

Most Puck bases were made of simple black cast iron. However, this interesting and more visually stimulating Puck employed a beautifully decorated base. 

Pucks were also imported into the USA. Columbia did a land-office business in Pucks distributing them in the USA. The Puck was designed with just enough technology to do its job at the time. The Puck will play through one 2-minute cylinder record when fully wound up. The sound quality can only be described as "amazingly loud and clear." The Puck is a decorative artifact which will play a cylinder with surprising results, and the simplicity of it, its technical limitations, actually adds to the appeal, in our opinion. This particular one is a really unusual and pretty example. Compare the beauty and cleanliness of this instrument with the kind of rusty, gummy, beat-up and nasty junk you see on eBay.

Price: $695.00 US, including one 2-minute cylinder record, plus s/h (NY State residents must pay tax, if applicable).


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