The Home was a 19th century wonder! Introduced in 1896, it incorporated the signature styling of Edison's expensive Phonographs on a slimmed-down scale that put it within the price range of the middle class. Previously, Phonographs had been cumbersome, costly machines. The Home eliminated unnecessary clap-trap, and was housed in a warm, pleasing oak cabinet, with handy "suitcase" style latches. This instrument has been conscientiously restored, retaining its original fancy decal, while taking the machine down to each individual component, even the smallest screw, and working from the ground up to completely bring it back to like-new condition? We must be crazy!?

GORGEOUS original decal.

In this image you can view some of the fine elements of this machine, which we have given a meticulous professional restoration. We cleaned it with painstaking care. The reproducer ("needle-head") has been carefully rebuilt to produce loud and clear sound. This particular reproducer is a Model "C" -- the instrument plays 2-minute cylinder records.

The correct crank, of the earliest style used on Edison Home Phonographs.

Here, we can see the extraordinary condition this 117-year-old antique. This is by far the most beautiful version of the Home Phonograph, which in 1901 changed its appearance significantly. 

In this image we see the Home equipped with an optional all-brass horn, an original horn of the same early period. See below for horn options and pricing.

A remarkably well groomed, tuned and adjusted example of an early instrument. Literally fresh as the day it was made. Equipped with a Model C reproducer. This machine plays 2-minute cylinder records. Needless to say, ours is not the only Edison Home Phonograph on the market, however ours benefits from the skill and expertise gained from 47 years in the business. What do you find on eBay? The pitiful mistakes of home handymen! No one else in this field puts in the scrupulous, minuscule effort that we do. 

Price: $795.00 US, including 14" brass bell replica horn, and three Edison cylinder records, plus s/h  (NY State residents must pay tax, if applicable).


Try it with an original, all-brass 14" horn from 1900 -- price: $950.00 US, including 14" original brass horn, and three Edison cylinder records, plus s/h  (NY State residents must pay tax, if applicable).

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