1. We are the oldest established purveyor of antique phonographs on the Internet. We pledge that our instruments are genuine antiques, correctly restored. We sell no fake gramophones or phonographs, such as those flooding out of India and China lately. Our machines are guaranteed to be authentic, and we employee replacement parts only when absolutely necessary. These replacement parts are historically correct whenever it is necessary to use them, and are usually limited to peripheral components such as winding cranks.


  1. Our instruments are highly reliable by the time we have finished restoring them. They rarely require service. If any service is required in the first 3 months, it will be done free of charge. Thereafter, we offer our clients a break on the cost of repairs. But repairs are seldom if ever necessary. We hold up the example of a client who has played his Victor III neatly 5,000 times in a year’s time! With no major service needed!


  1. REGARDING INTERNATIONAL ORDERS -- You will have to pay the customs duties of your country, depending on the specific      laws of your country. You may also be liable for a brokerage fee. We, phonophan, have no control over the fees you are charged, and we receive none of the revenue.


  1. If you receive your instrument and decide to return it because of a reason such as you changed your mind, you experienced a sudden and unexpected downturn in your finances, or other reason not related to a fault in the instrument, you may return it at your own expense. Assuming we receive it in good order, you will be given a refund of the cost of the machine (not including shipping fee) minus a 20% restocking fee. The instrument must be sent back within five days of your receiving it.

         THANK YOU!