Victor's approach to horns was similar to that of Henry Ford to cars -- give them any color they want as long as it's black. Nearly all Victor horns were black or laregely black. One rare exception was the "amber" horn (with rosy red highlights) of the charming little Victor "0." Set off against the robust mahogany finish of the cabinet, the Victor "0" horn is a cheerful relief from basic black. The only "problem" has been that Victor 0 horns have an uncanny habit of aging very poorly. They get rusty, they get banged up and bent, the subtle paint hues becomes faded or rough. Over the past 53 years, we can practically count on the fingers of one hand the Victor 0 horns we have encountered that remained in excellent condition. For this reason, this particular horn shines like a beacon above the others -- it is almost perfectly preserved.

The original horn decal.

Pretty cabinet.

The tone arm is limited in its travel by internal "stops" -- an improvement over other Victor models.  The early versions of this model used conventional "Exhibition" soundboxes, however, a specially-designed soundbox was soon substituted (as seen here). The cabinet of this instrument was one of the few Victors to be made in a mahogany finish. In fact the mahogany finish, which was becoming all the rage in home furnishings, was generally reserved for the better models.

The spotlessly clean motor. Access to the motor area is from the bottom of the cabinet. The top board is secured in place.  A brand new main sprimd insures that the Victor 0 will play a 10" acoustic 78 with quality.  At phonophan we don't sell "as is" --- and we don't leave the client to make repairs that are our responsibility.  


The subtle rose-colored shades of the horn's highlights can be seen, you see them here near the base of the horn. The "0" is not a large machine, the turntable, for instance, measures 8" in diameter. It will play a 10" 78 rpm record. It is a beautiful, mind-bogglingly fresh and collectible instrument. However, if you want to regularly play A LOT of records, you should consider a larger machine, If you're looking for something really amiable and appealing, you can't do better than the adorable Victor "0."

Price: $2250.00 US, plus shipping and handling. The instrument comes with 100 needles. Please note: we have 78 rpm records if you need them. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)


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