The Victor II (Two) is nobly distnguished by its charming hand-painted dogwood flowers -- we spare no expense nor compromise autrhenticty in our restorations. We are literally trhe best in the business. Imagine this delightful mirth-maker occupying a place of honor in your house.

Solid oak cabinetry, sparkling hardware.  And please take note of the ivonic "His Master's Voice" tag on the front panel.

The heart of the instrument is the spring motor -- with our 53 years experience behind us, we have tweaked and adjusted this venerable technology to the nth degree.  It runs quietly and smoothly. Compare this to the wretched, ruined and improperly adjusted junk that you can easily find elsewhere on the Web.

The horn support bracket has received our professional restoration with historically precise gold filigree.  The soundbox (needle head) produces sweet music --- why? Because at phonophan we know how to calibrate the soundbox to get the best quality results.

This charming instrument is ready to enthrall you.  Do you need 78 rpm rfecords to play on it? NO PROBLEM. We will gladly give you some.

Price: $1850.00 US, plus shipping (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


Telephone: 585-244-5546

US Post: phonophan

               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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