Victor III

A pretty, tuneful Victor Talking Machine - perfectly and meticuously restored, clean and calibratred.  What do we do that is different from the other sellers of talking machines? EVERYTHING. Nearly 50 years of experience is on our side. The other guys? Amateurs. 

Pay particular attention to the restored Hawthorne and Sheble horn -- H&S made horns that people could buy at the music store to replace the rather sedate black horns that Victor sold. A horn like this was for those who wanted a big splash of color and beauty in their lives -- and it still is! In order to authentically replicate the translucent finish they applied back in the day, we have, through years of trial and error, developed a 4-step process that fairly shimmers. It's scintillating! Our resident artist has added yellow cabbage roses to complete the historically exact appearance.

The cabinet with stately pillars, around 1909 the cabinet was slightly redesigned into this configuration, to be slightly bigger, with broader base molding and more contured pillars. Note the famous "His Master's Voice" trade mark on the front of the oak cabinet. This instrument has all its original components including the original winding crank.

Original blue and gold decoration on the horn bracket -- perfectly preserved. We removed all traces of dirt, crud, grease and gunk. And we carefully adjusted each component to factory specifications. Absolutely every detail has been attended. And therefore, you may view it today - and HEAR it -- as your great-grandparents would have done back in the day, since we meticulously rebuilt the soundbox (needlehead) to play loudly and clearly.

The strong, double-spring motor, without any dirt or gunk or crud. What do you find on eBay? Dirt and crud! It takes talent, patience and love to produce the spotless results you get from phonophan. The other guys -- a can of WD-40 is their best friend.

In short, the machine looks and IS a venerable and well- preserved antique. This is a strong, reliable  instrument, with a double-spring motor that produces high quality sound from your 78 rpm records. Our 49 years of experience continues to underscore the fact that other dealers and sellers and antique shops simply do not have the skill or the understanding to produce the highest quality merchandise. If you want a fine instrument, buy from phonophan!

Price: $2250.00, plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax, where applicable).


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