Specifics of the Victor III

A classic-- scrupulously sparkling and meticulously restored, with original factory finish still bright and clean.  A recent experience underscores why phonophan is so much better than the others selling similar machines. We acquired a Victor that had supposedly been "serviced" by a reputable dealer. But something didn't seem right, and further investigation proved that a lot was wrong. The so-called dealer had no idea what he was doing, he had jury-rigged the springs, left out parts from the motor. Typical!  Every day we fix other people's mistakes.

Charming oak cabinetry, with all hardware clean and bright.  Observe the color and vibrance of the wood, despite the fact that the finish is well over a century old -- our competitors offer filthy junk or bleached-out monstosities.

We view it today - and HEAR it -- as your great-grandparents did back in the day.  Note the original blue and gold filigree on the back bracket. All components are original. We carefully rebuilt the soundbox (needlehead) to play loudly and clearly. Sure, they sell talking machines on eBay. But what you might get from eBay is anybody's guess -- eBay sellers are "home handymen," not professionals. Can any other seller match our 51 years of experience?

The strong, double spring motor -- taken out, taken apart, cleaned and carefully calibrated. One of the messiest jobs on the planet? Removing a century of gunk and grease from a talking machine motor! We cleaned and re-lubricated the mainsprings assure steady-running.  Don't have any 78s? NO PROBLEM -- we're happy to give you some as part of the deal.

A delightful musical instrument that isn't just beautiful -- it's a tuneful entertainer, ready to take you time traveling to the turn of the twentieth century. DON'T buy a mistake from someone who knows nothing about it, when you can purchase this beauty from PHONOPHAN, the most exerienced (51 years) experts in the field.

Price: $1995.00, plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax, where applicable).

Contact: phonotim@gmail.com


PO Box 747

Henrietta, NY 14467

Telephone:  585-244-5546

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