If you were wealthy, and you wanted the best of the best, you bought the Victor D in 1904.  It was the pinnacle of technical wizardry.  And it remains pretty darn wonderful today! 

It's easy to see why this was the most expensive instrument in the Victor line -- gorgeous carved oak cabinetry.  A similar design was used for the lesser-priced Monarch Special -- but the Type D was bigger and even more beautiful, with a 12" diameter turntable.

We carefully cleaned the triple-spring, nickel-plated  motor, installed three new mainsprings, and regulated everything thoroughly.  Compare the top-quality conditiuon of phonophan machines to the messy junk others offer online.  

The D's unique speed control vividly illustrates the difference between phonophan and other sellers, amatuers in both experience and skill.  This speed control was only used on the D, and only for a short time.  Why didn't it continue?  Firstly, it was more expensive for the company to make.  But furthermore, it requires more skill to calibrate than less complicated designs.  In fact, it is almost always broken, removed or out of order on these instruments today.  We have been in this business for 53 years, and we can truthfully say we've seen no more than three or four of these controls that is still functioning as it should.  Ours does.  The pointer stays to the right to keep the speed at the conventional 78rpm.  To the left you see it indicates 60 rpm.  There was a short-lived series of large Victor "Deluxe" discs that were intended to be played at 60rpm.

We have scrupulously restored the support bracket, like the lest of the machine, to be historically correct. All hardware is clean and free of gunk, grime and corrosion. We have rebuilt the original Exhibition soundbox to produce crisp, clear, bright, bold music. Consider the jury-rigged trash you see for sale elsewhere on the Net -- and don't you love it when deceptive sellers say "It just needs a little cleaning up" ?!

The paper patent notice under the cabinet is still present.  $60.00 was the price it took to get the finest Victor.  A lot of money at the time.

BOLD, BRASH and BEAUTIFUL -- for those who will accept nothing but the best! NOBODY sweats the details like phonophan. We obsessed over every component, restoring the horn and cabinet and motor to precise standards.  And we DON'T do what other dealers do -- rush the job and take shortcuts. Other dealers don't have the time and don't have the talent to do things right. This instrument is as spotless and clean as any you will ever see. 

Price: $2850.00 US, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


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