Victor E/Victor II

The Victor "E" offers all the advantages of a large talking machine -- powerful double-spring motor, bright, bold-sounding "Exhibition" soundbox, pretty tiger oak cabinet -- on a medium-sized scale. It doesn't take up a lot of space, but it delivers a beautiful, rich sound from your 78 rpm records. In 1904 -05, a transition was occurring for the Victor E -- it was morphing into an instrument with a brand new designation -- the Victor II (Two). During this period, catalogues began to refer to the Victor E by its new "Victor the Second" identification. The instrument received the latest technical components -- the "tapering tone arm" and an 8" diameter turntable. The famous "His Master's Voice" ID plate was repositioned from the left side of the cabinet to the front panel. Furthermore, as the E continued its consistent evolution toward becoming a II, it was fitted with a bracket to accept a larger, improved elbow and horn. 

The original "His Maser's Voice" horn decal.

Here you can see the meticulously restoration. We painstakingly replaced the authentic filigree decoration on the original back bracket. As always, we have totally tweaked and tuned the soundbox (needlehead) to give optimum sound quality. What do they do on eBay? Do they carefully restore this crucial sound-producing component? NO way! Other sellers just slap a new gasket on the front of the diaphragm to make it LOOK like something has been done. Beware the slap-dash doll-ups of schlocky sellers!


Clean, carefully adjusted double-spring motor -- with two brand new mainsprings installed for super quality performance.

The Victor E is a charming addition to any room, and a melodious companion to the ear! Do you need 78 rpm records? No problem! We have tons! Plus the machine comes with needles included.

Price: $1850. US, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


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