Victor Monarch

This is how they partied back in the day -- with elegance and style.  Please pay special attention to the horn. No one in recent history has attempted to recreate precisely this type of decoration, that would exactly match the original appearance and reflect Hawthorne & Sheble's distinctive signature style. Why not? Because it is simply too complex and work-intensive.  There are a multitude of ways in which the slightest error could scuttle the entire project. The truth is, we put way more time into this horn than any we have restored before. Are we likely to do it again? Not anytime soon!

Working with a friend who produces custom decals, we ordered a set of floral "sprays" that were copied directly from an original H&S horn.  It is extremely tricky to work with these applique decorations because they are quite large, and must fit the contours and snuggle into the seams of the panels. One slip of the hand and the sprays would be ruined. Needless to say, a huge amount of work was required. Then, the entire decorated surface was sprayed with an over-coating to seal the flowers forever in place. The gold lines were added, and the result? -- a perfect replication of the classic H&S horn.

A stunning ancient artifact, in quartersawn oak.

We have meticulously restored the back-bracket, adding historically correct filigree decoration. We rebuilt and adjusted the original soundbox to produce clear, crisp music. No other talking machine that you may find on the Web will produce our extraordinarily fine quality of music, because most sellers have no idea how to adjust these ancient instruments.  In fact, most sellers, in their ham-fisted efforts to "repair" these devices end up doing more harm than good.

The spotless brass motor. Strong and smooth.

As an experiment in the limits of human grit, this horn was something we wanted to attempt. We succeeded to our great satisfaction. Let YOUR satisfaction begin now. The Victor Monarch has classic good looks, plus it plays loud and clear! A charming addition to any room, and a melodious companion to the ear!

Price: $2250.00 US, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


Telephone: 585-244-5546

US Post: Tim Fabrizio


               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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