Victor Monarch 

This is how they partied back in the day -- with elegance and style.  The Victor Monarch was introduced in 1901.  The company was quickly evolving -- growing, innovating, on its way to becoming a top dog in the talking machine market.  The Monarch rapidly went through a series of improvements that would culminate, in 1904-05 with the model transitioning to become known by the new name of "Victor III (Three)."  Older versions were updated and moved out the door.  At the time that this machine was made, it could have been purchased wiith either a "straight" horn, loosely known to collectors as a "front mount," or with Victor's state-of-the-art "tapering arm" (as seen here) that brought Victor to the forefront of the talking machine business.  However what really sets this instrument apart is the breath-taking flower horn -- literally a flowe with flowers decorating it! We have restored it to absolute perfection, with hand-painted mums, and a rich, crimson translucent finish.

Beautiful quarter-sawn oak, with good old-fashioned "egg and dart" molding.

We have meticulously replaced the gold filigree on the back-bracket.  We rebuilt and adjusted the original soundbox to produce clear, crisp music.  No other talking machine that you may find on the Web will produce our extraordinarily fine quality of music, because most sellers have no idea how to adjust these vintage instruments.  In fact, most sellers, in their ham-fisted efforts to "repair" these devices end up doing more harm than good.  

The spotless brass motor. Quiet, strong and smooth.  We installed two new mainsprings to give you the power you need to reliably enjhoy your records.

We have succeeded in this restoration to our great satisfaction. Let YOUR satisfaction begin now. The Victor Monarch has classic good looks, plus it plays loud and clear! A charming addition to any room, and a melodious companion to the ear!  The opportunity to own a genuine Victor with a horn of this scintillating beauty is now yours -- don't miss this one!

Price: $2150.00 US, plus shipping. New York State residents please add sales tax.


Telephone: 585-244-5546

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               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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