Victor Monarch, Jr.

This Victor Type "E" (Monarch, Jr). is the earliest version of this model. Enthusiasts call it a "pre-dog" machine, because it pre-dates the time when the Victor Talking Machine Company fully realized the potential impact of the "His Master's Voice" trade mark. As soon as the firm understood the brand-recognition value of the logo, it began emblazoning it on the instruments it manufactured. The only replica components are the nickel-plated support arm, the winding crank and the record-securing plate on the top of the turntable. Sometimes it becomes necessary to replace missing parts, but at phonophan, we always use historically correct components, designed to precisely match the originals. 

In fact, all the really important parts are original, such as the soundbox, wooden arm, the brass elbow, and of course the beautiful brass-belled horn which we have polished up to shine like new. The heart of the instrument is the soundbox (needlehead), which we have carefully rebuilt to render bright, clear music -- an unrestored or haphazardly restored soundbox compromises the integrity of the entire instrument. WE do what auction sellers don't do -- we painstakingly refurbish the soundbox, and adjust it to factory standards. The result? -- beautiful music, not chicken scratching! You will be pleasantly surprised at how loud and clear the music is from this modestly-sized instrument.

Here, you can see the metal ID plate -- these early models proclaimed "VICTOR," and were not yet stamped with the soon-to-be-world famous "dog and talking machine" logo. Note also the unusual type of brake which abuts the edge of the turntable -- this early brake was used only in 1902.

The cabinet and horn are not huge, however a great advantage of this instrument is that it has a full-sized, double spring motor, reliable, and professionally calibrated.  Everything has been done to liberate this beautiful instrument from decades of dust and crud, and reveal it's remarkably appearance and mechanical abilities.

INTERESTED IN RECREATING THE ICONIC "HIS MASTER'S VOICE" TRADE MARK? We offer you this original, 14" high papier mache Nipper dog, in excellent condition. This figure is an original advertising item from a century ago (NOT one of the many reproductions that have flooded the Internet). This rare artifact can be had for an additional $750.

Price of Monarch, Jr. (not including the Nipper dog): $1450.00 US, plus s/h (NY State residents must pay tax, if applicable). 


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