First of all, this is an instrument of SUBSTANCE. The turntable is 12" in diameter. The motor has three newly replaced mainsprings for maximum power. The flower horn is especially noteworthy -- it was the creation of the premier manufactuer of horns in the USA, the Hawthorne & Sheble Manufacturing Co. The stunning "morning glory" effect combines black with French blue, with a flower-yellow core.  Gorgeous!   The motif just described is original paint. The condition of this instrument is excellent. Notable, as well, is the quarter-sawn oak cabinet. The Victor V is an impressively constructed machine -- it dominates a room. 

This robust design lends gravity to the appearance.

The decorative back-bracket has its original fancy gold filigree.  We have professionally rebuilt the soundbox to produce round, full-throated music. By comparison, the average "eBay" restoration job typically involves no disassembly of the soundbox -- they just slap a new white gasket in front of the mica diaphragm to make it "look" like something has been done. Just to fool the suckers. Over the past 50 years we have worked on an incredible number of instruments that have been given this kind of pointless "doll-up." Whereas, at phonophan we take the soundbox down to its smallest constituent parts, check and calibrate each one. No shortcuts.  

The scrupulously clean and well-tuned triple-spring, nickel-plated motor of the Victor V. It can play any 78 rpm record. Clean, smooth-running, minutely adjusted. We replaced all three mainsprings.  No "online auction" surprises here! With phonophan, you don't have to worry about what horrors might have been "overlooked" by an inexperienced seller. Needless to say, an instrument of this size and importance is not easy to pack and ship UNLESS you have 50 years of experience, as we do! Buy one from an amateur, and get amateur service. Ouch!

As always, we cleaned, tweaked, tested, lubricated, adjusted every component. This is an especially beautiful instrument, with an especially important horn.

Price: $2750.00,  plus shipping and handling. (NY State residents must pay sales tax, if applicable.)


Telephone: 585-244-5546 

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               PO Box 747

               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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