Sophisticated, smooth mahogany splendor! This Victor IV (Four) Talking Machine is exquisitely beautiful. A top quality instrument. The wooden horn, specifically designed to fit this model, is arguably the most perfectly proportioned Victor design. The warmth and robust rich color of the wood is breathtaking. 

The original factory decal on the horn. In our 46 years in this business, we have developed a set of skills that is unparalleled in the field. Restoring these precious wooden horns is a job for an expert. We've seen some amateur repairs that would make you cry. Wooden horns that are over 100 years old develop quirks and glitches that require the utmost expertise -- subtle gluing, delicate replacement of wood, preservation of color, decals, maintaining the shape and contours, etc., these are all things at which we excel. And you may view the results here.  

When we restore a finish, we do it in the historically authentic way. No modern polyurethane in our shop! Our process is just the same as they used at the Victor factory -- aniline dye, shellac, polish. Therefore, the color of the wood is correct. If you ever hear a "restorer" boasting about using a clear finish with no stain to "show the beauty of the wood" RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION! Ancient finishes were VIVIDLY stained and always had some opacity. At phonophan we understand this.

The original cast bracket restored with fancy filigree decoration. As always, we meticulously rebuilt the soundbox (needlehead) so that the music you hear is bright, clear, round and robust. Walk into an antique shop selling a Victrola and you'll hear harsh, shrill, ear-piercing tones -- the soundbox is a key component, and to get it to play sweetly you must be an expert. The average antiqye dealer is out of his league.

The correctly cleaned and adjusted motor. 

A wooden horn gramophone of this quality is the kind of investment that always pays off. It is now and will ever continue to be the BEST! We have spent 46 years in the business and our founder has 8 books in print on the subject of antique phonographs. No other dealer on the planet can approach these credentials.

Price: $3850.00 US, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


Telephone: 585-244-5546

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