An early Victrola from 1912

This rare instrument is one that has special interest for a dedicated collector. It is very unusual to find Victrolas (that is, internal horn Victor Talking Machines) from the very first period of production. Of course, Victrolas became wildly popular and sold in great numbers, but in the period immediately following the introduction of the VV VI, it was not yet a popular model. What makes this machine so amazing is that it is both rare and also in phenomenal condition. Original factory finish on excellent shape, original turntable felt, everything excellent and original.

The "volume controlling" doors were a patented Victor feature -- the more you open them, the louder the music. With the doors closed the sound is very muted. Remember, this instrument has its original factory finish -- in striking "tiger oak." We have professionally restored the soundbox (needlehead) to produce crisp, clear music. Every component of this ancient music-maker was removed, cleaned, adjusted, regulated and lubricated. 

"His Master's Voice" -- the most famous trade mark in the world. Note how SPOTLESS this instrument is!

The double-spring motor will be very interesting to collectors. It is a step between the early motor used on the external horn machines, and the later, more common type of Victrola motor. The teeth on the spring barrel gear are quite large and wide. As Victrola motors progressed, these teeth would be reduced in size.  This unusual motor marks this instrument as a rare survivor from a transitional time.

These perfectly preserved notices are on the underside of the cabinet. This machine is in a nearly perfect state of preservation. This is NOT an ordinary Victrola. It is a historically important and highly collectible example.

NOTE: The Victrola comes with 100 steel needles.

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