Zonophone was one of the oldest and most established names in talking machines, pre-dating even Victor! For over a decade, Zonophone was associated with visually arresting designs. No stranger to beauty is this "Concert" -- a machine that is completely original and in dazzling condition. The flower horn, painted with "morning glory" effect, is in amazing original condition. The richness of the wood is positively entrancing.

Zonophone employed an extremely clever system for elevating the soundbox (needlehead) off the record -- the arm snaps into a raised position. This design was unique among talking machines of the period. Note please the sparkling condiition of the metal parts and the crispness of the gold filigree..

We have meticulously rebuilt and calibrated the special Zonophone soundbox to produce outstranding sound quality.

The oak cabinet with original finish and original decal.

On the side panel, another lovely original decal. We call your attention to the spotless original condition of this instrument --- compare this to the delapidated junk you find on other Web sites.

The spring motor is compact and smooth-running. We installed a brand new main spring.  Have you been looking for a beautiful talking machine? WATCH OUT! The Internet is full of misrepresented junk. Our instruments have the backing of our 50 years of experience.

This patent notice is on the bottom surface of the cabinet. The serial number is inked in by hand at the upper right.

We seldom get a chance to offer an instrument as perfectly preserved as this. The horn, though well over a century old, retains it's charming painted finish. The machine is suitable for playing a side of a 10" 78 rpm record per complete winding, and the sound is superb. Are you a collector? Here's something worth adding to your collection!

Price: $1950. plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax if applicable).

E-mail: phonophan@aol.com

Telephone: 585-244-5546


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               Henrietta, NY 14467 USA

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