The Columbia Disc Graphophone Type "BI" (or "Sterling") became the model that virtually defined the distinctive artistic style of the company. Rich, warm oak and cool, elegant nickel plating.  Please see the following images to understand how unusually well preserved this instrument is. Furthermore, we are offering you two original horn options, just exactly as the Columbia Phonograph Co, did back in the day. (See below.)

Firstly, the finish on the oak cabinet is original. We meticulously cleaned and French-polished the finish, so that now it looks precisely as it did when it left the factory.

The original banner decal.

The original, factory "Grand Prize" shield decal. Please remind yourself -- this is the original 100-plus year old cabinet finish!

The horn/arm components gleam -- clean and well polished. You can see how Columbia selected the nickname "Sterling" for this instrument-  the nickel plating is not unlike antique silver.  Even a frequently-handled part such as the winding crank still retains its factory nickel plating. The motor is a double-spring powerhouse which smooth;y and evening plays your 78 rpm records.

We've ignored no necessary adjustments -- the soundbox has been scrupulously restored and calibrated, with new rubber gaskets. One of the foremost blunders that amateur sellers make is in their inability to properly calibrate a soundbox. After 47 years, WE know what to do -- and the sound is glorious! Note the flat,round knob which protrudes from the back of the arm, at the left. This is a built-in volume control which still works!

This decorative carrying handle in "oxidized bronze" finish remains in perfect condition.

Why not consider THIS spectacular option? The BI was available back in the day with a genuine Columbia solid oak horn. We are pleased and proud to offer this same option to our clients today. This instrument is being offered with two options for horn.

This solid oak horn is one of the options we are offering with this machine. The wood is a crazy-quilt of patterns that seduce the eye and caress the senses. We have carefully restored this gorgeous horn to match the original wood of the Disc Graphophone cabinet.

Columbia wooden horns were manufactured by the famous firm of Sheip and Vandergrift in Philadelphia, PA. Here is the original decal on the horn.

OR you may want to purchase this machine with its original solid brass flower horn. Like the instrument itself, this horn is original and undisturbed. It retains a light nickel patina. It has some rather insignificant blemishes on it, but the overall appearance is of a finely-preserved horn that has the venerable aura of age. Every day of the week we repair the mistakes of other people. Most dealers lack the skills to adjust these instruments properly. At phonophan we understand these machines inside and out! What you buy from us is far and away the finest quality -- no mis-matched parts, no home handyman repairs. Only the finest work, based on 47 years in this field.

The Columbia BI Disc Graphophone -- classic good looks, superb playing quality, a must for those who want to enjoy both the visual and the auditory pleasures of a true antique phonograph. 

Price with ORIGINAL SOLID BRASS HORN WITH NICKEL PATINA: $1950.00 plus s/h, (NY State residents must add tax if applicable).

Price with ORIGINAL SOLID OAK HORN: $2950.00 plus s/h, (NY State residents must add tax if applicable).


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