As always, Columbia led the game in innovation. The firm's widely bandied claim that it had created the talking machine business was actually true. Despite Edison's inventive genius, as a businessman he was often outdone by competitors. Columbia consistently bested him in the field of design. And when it comes to stunning looks, nothing outdid the Columbia Type "T" instruments. 

The BKT was the most "up-to-date" type of Graphophone during the 1908-10 period. Columbia took the reliable "BK" or "Jewel" machine and adapted it into a "back-mounted" or "tone arm" version, known as the BKT (where the "T" stands for "tone arm"). Of special notice -- this machine is equipped with a horn that was specifically designed for it, a specially-sized version of the signature solid brass, nickel-plated Columbia flower horn that defined the look of cylinder and disc Graphophones during the 1909 period. This is one of the rarest Columbia horns in existence.

We performed a thorough and completely accurate restoration.  At phonophan, there is no other way to go! The stunningly figured quarter-sawn oak cabinet is exactly the correct shade of amber.  The banner decal is something much worthy of note.  A friend of ours has devoted his retirement to painstalingly creating these historically perfect decals one at a time!  Literally nothing separates our work from that of the Columbia factory in Bridgeport, CT.

Here you see the meticulous work we do.  Likewise, the motor is spotlessly clean, runs quietly and smoothly.  Two mainsprings give lots of strength.  You won't find anything this spic-and-span from amateur sellers.  Every bit of grease, grime and crud has been removed.

Inside the lid, this original patent notice. 

The "back-mounted" horn support arrangement, borrowed from the disc talking machines of the day, greatly enhanced the appeal of the cylinder talking machine at a time when the encroachments of the disc were apparent. The new configuration came easily to Columbia, since it was also manufacturing disc machines. With the horn up over the instrument, one big negative factor of the cylinder machine was eliminated -- the horn did not protrude very far into the room. Edison never embraced this arrangement, another example of Columbia proving a successful competitor.The BKT -- the ultimate in sophisticated appearance and state-of-the-art (circa 1909, that is!) technology.

The BKT plays any Edison or Columbia "2-minute" cylinder record.

Price: $1250.00 US, including FOUR 2-minute cylinder records, plus s/h. (NY State residents must add sales tax, if applicable.)


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