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This spectacularly carved oak cabinet ranks as the Victor considered most beautiful by the public.  It so perfectly expresses the period!  Our restoration has been performed to preserve all the important historical features so susceptible to devastation by amateur handiwork.  You would have to describe us as "obsessive" about doing things correctly.  No other dealer is "crazy" enough to spend time we invest in getting things RIGHT.  And the original Victor horn is a good example --  the solid brass bell brightly polished, the black-painted expertly restored, and a spot-perfect replica "His Master's Voice" decal completes the historically precise treartment.  This instrument appears today (and PLAYS) as it did the day it left the factory. 

The artful cabinetry that captured the heart of the world.  The public just loved this design, the world over!  And it's easy to see why.  The earliest version of the Victor ID plate is seen here.

The metal horn support arm and the wooden "traveling" arm are original, and we note this in particular since replicas are often substituted for these comonents.  And naturally we have rebuilt and regulated the original soundbox (needlehead), so that it now produces the same rich, full, bright music it did when new.  The round metal plate at the center of the turntable is a "record securing nut" -- it was thought, early in the development of the talking machine, that this device was necessary to keep the records from slipping. Ultimately, they realized that the grippy felt of the turntable was sufficient.

This formidable powerhouse was the height of Victor mechanics in the period 1902 - 1907.  A TRIPLE-spring brass motor that runs quietly and smoothly. We replaced all three mainsprings to make sure you have the very finest pereformance. That's something you don't get from other dealers, regardless of how knowledgeable they claim to be. Note how clean our work is -- and compare it to the filthy, jury-rigged trash offered on eBay by sellers who compromise the mechanisms they sell with amateur repairs.  In fact, WE FIX OTHER PEOPLE'S MISTAKES! When some past "handyman" has made a thorough mess of a machine, phonophan undoes the inferior workmanship and fixes it right!

Under the cabinet, this 1902 patrent notice, with the serial number of the machine penciled in at the top right.

The MS was available in either a "front-mounted" (as seen here) or "back-mounted" (horn over the top of the machine) version.  The front-mounted configuration was the original design for the disc talking machine from its inception -- it is the mythic arrangement of horn and soundbox.  The Victor Monarch Special was and still is a top-of-the-line instrument. Today, it's a highly collectible, but eminently ATTAINABLE object of desire. 

Price: $2850.00,  plus s/h, (NY State residents must add tax where applicable).


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