An instrument as important as the Victor VI deserves the best possible treatment. What does it mean to do a first rate job of restoration? Carefully refinishing the cabinet and horn. Painstakingly cleaning the gold-plated hardware without abrading it. This is not a slap-dash antique shop "doll-up." We have spent 50 years with single-minded devotion to the restoration of antique phonographs. No other seller approaches either the level of understanding of the subject, or the artistic execution of the work. The result ---- awesome! Remember, not all Victor VI's are created equal -- what you see here is top notch example.

Rich, solid mahogany, correctly toned to the original shade. All details are crisp and precise. Original gold plating on the metal parts. The winding crank is original. too. This is the first version of the Victor VI to be introduced, prior to Victor's use of Roman numeral designations -- so the ID plate reads "Victor 6".  Arabic numeral instruments such as this are considered rare.

The triple-spring motor -- perfectly tuned and adjusted. In keeping with the posh nature of this instrument, it is nickel-plated. We spare no effort or expense when it comes to the mechanics. This is the earliest motor that Victor employed for this model, with a big, "Jules Verne-looking" governor. We spent hours tuning and ajusting this motor to make it run as smoothly and quietly as our 50 years of experience can make possible. What do you get from some other dealers? -- mainsprings patched together with sheet metal screws, soft nails replacing hardened pins, epoxy repairs, all done out of ignorance or a desire to jury rig it, and get it sold. 

The back-bracket has its original gilt filigree. Note the condition, and the original gold-plating. The soundbox (needlehead) is perhaps the most important component.  Without a properly tuned and adjusted soundbox, you have nothing but good looks. Phonophan sells good looks AND great sound! We have professionally rebuilt and calibrated the soundbox as few other sellers know how to do.

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS is what this machine cost back in the day. At that time, few could afford it. Today it is the ultimate investment in yourself -- and you're worth it!

Price: $5500.00 US  plus s/h (NY State residents must add sales tax if applicable).


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